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Zen Zombie Craftworks got its start in 2020 as Zen Zombie Soapery by Mandolyn Raine. Always wishing she could find artisnal soaps that fit her alternative aesthetic but also had more complex scents she turned to the good ole DIY gods to show her the way. After much trial and error she found several oil blends that when ready felt amazingly hydrating on her skin, smelled fantastic and looked cool as hell. As any maker knows that was neither the first nor the last item that would grace the table of Zen Zombie. It started with bars of soap then quickly evolved. Bubble cookies, wax melts and rope soaps joined the table and as the items evolved so did the name. Zen Zombie Craftworks is proud to boast a variety of fantastic handmade products running the gambit of all tastes. From fantasy to sexy, colorful to dark, black light reactant to glow in the dark there is something here for everyone.

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Multimedia collage

  • Soap Bars

    Made with several different oil blends as well as fragrances from sweet to musky

  • Wax Melts

    Each wax melt is unique from the scent to the colors to the shapes. The ever popular rune sets range in color, scent and correlation.

  • Rope Bodies

    Body shaped soaps of all shapes. Body shaped soaps wrapped in rope for hanging in shower. Butt shaped soaps big and small.

    If you want to have your body soap hand wrapped in rope please select the rope add on and pick your rope color. Otherwise your body will be sent unwrapped.

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